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sunday rye and french crullers

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sunday rye and french crullers

I never posted a pic of my rye here so i just thought to add it.


SylviaH's picture

Oh My! The rye is gorgeous..the French Crullers are to die for. 


ehanner's picture

Looks Great Norm! Is that your deli rye mix?


LindyD's picture

French crullers are my absolute total all time favorite.  Alas, by the time I get to the local supermarket bakery that sells them, they're a bit stale.  :-(

I nearly licked my computer screen at the sight of your freshly iced crullers, Norm.   

Are they difficult to make?


mrfrost's picture

Are the crullers baked or fried?

Never mind. I read they are fried.

They look delicious.

PaddyL's picture

Am I right in thinking you put them into the hot oil, paper and all?  They look divine!

CarlSF's picture

The Sunday Rye looks great!  Um...are you able to share the recipe?  Also, are those crullers deep fried or baked?  They look like they are deep fried, but I noticed they are resting on parchment paper.