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Looking for recipes using rye, oat, or barley flour

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Looking for recipes using rye, oat, or barley flour

I have recently gotten quite obsessed with baking new and delicious types of bread (I moved to a rural village in Alaska and have little else to do). But I was interested in recipes using rye, barley, and oat flour, as I have ten pounds of each and no idea what to do with them.

Any good recipes?

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Mini Oven

You can make up to a 100% rye... or up to a 50% barley loaf... or up to a 30% oat loaf with good results.    I have combined them as well.   If you combine only these three, we're talking bricks unless a sourdough starter is involved and the barley and oats are in very small amounts.  Do combine these flours with wheat bread flour.  All three of these absorb water differently so as you replace a cup or 125 g wheat flour with one of these in your favorite recipe, expect to make changes in water, probably adding more.

If you haven't got a rye starter going, do it, esp. if you want more than 25% rye in a loaf.  It really is the best way to raise high % rye loaves.   If you've only worked with wheat flour, rye and/or oat flour will make your dough somewhat sticky.  A situation I just accept and it is part of the fun!  A silicone spatula and scraper are handy tools. 

Please feel free to use the on site search machine.  I found a nice harmony using 1/3 cup each oat and barley flours into a 3 cup wheat recipe.  You may find a few notes (watch the dates) and recipes here:

Check out the properties of each flour and if your dough looks like it can't stand on it's own even after enough folding, don't be afraid to use some kind of greased form when baking.   All three flours are not known for their stretching abilities.


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sourdough greg

Check out Great Whole Grain Breads by Beatrice Ojakangas. Lots of oat (13), rye (26), and barley (6) recipes. I have yet to make one I didn't like (but I'm nuts about rye breads of all types).