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I can't print out receipes

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I can't print out receipes

I am a very new member AND breadmaker and have tried printing out (after clicking the Printer Friendly Version) but I can't get more than 1 page to print even tho' I set my printer and program for ALL.  Is there something I am missing?

Thanks in advance...(gee this type is small)


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First, welcome to TFL.

Have you tried highlighting the text containing the recipe, then copying and pasting it to a text document?  That will also let you save the recipe to a folder on your hard drive.

If you're having a problem reading small text and are using Windoze as your OS, check the accessibility options under the accessories folder in the programs tab.

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Yup, you can only print the first post in any topic by means of the "printer-friendly" button. All other posts don't have one and can't be printed that easily.

If you just try to print a page then you get all the extraneous stuff down either side as well. Technically what it needs is a print.css file that is invoked whenever the page is printed and which suppresses everything on the page other than the text of the posts. Easy to do.

You can also highlight the text you want to print, click on file > print (or ctrl-P) and then the "Selection" button (3rd of All, Pages from-to, Selection) then "OK".