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Cambodian Bread Wrap, Pizza base thingie...

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Cambodian Bread Wrap, Pizza base thingie...

Right, so about six months ago I was in Cambodia, in Sihanoukville to be precise where I happened to stay at a guesthouse called Thida's inn. Thida the lovely lady who ran it, was a rather good cook and one day someone said, "have you tried the chicken wrap?" no I replied, is that on the menu?


No she replied, someone showed her how to make it, he was south american I think, try it.


I did. I don't precisely know what she used to make it, a kind of magic I think, all I know is it's one of the greatest items of food I have ever tasted, I generally ate at least two a day and on balance I would love to make them again.

So one day I sauntered into the kitchen and said, thida, show me how you make your chicken wrap, which she did, unfortunately while I saw and video'd how she made the contents of the wrap, she'd premade the wraps themselves the day before and refridgerated them, she simply grabbed a precooked one, dropped it onto an ungreased hot plate and warmed it up. I asked her how she made the wrap and she said it was exactly the same as the pizza bases she made only thinner obviously.


So last weekend I decided to give the pizza base thing a go, I grabbed some recipes of the net (I never got hers unfortunately) did some dough, rolled some out and threw it onto a hot plate and... I made naan bread, well it certainly looked like naan bread, tasted nice, great, but not the magic wrap.

So I through the second one in the oven and I got.... pita bread! hurray I can now make naan bread and pita bread but no $*U%($ng wrap!


So I am after some advice, the recipe I used was basically flour, yeast, sugar, water, salt. I heated the flour and water before hand, chucked it alltogether kneaded it, let it rise for an hour then kneaded it some more, rolled it out and cooked it. So I'm wondering about some alternate recipes and if anyone has any ideas, would baking powder make a difference vs yeast? I really don't know, any help appreciated.



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Was it thick? Thin? Could it have been something along the lines of a homemade flour tortilla (no yeast in that)? Could it have been made with rice flour? You said you have a video...maybe you could post a still shot of the magic wrap. That might help.


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Mini Oven

using low protein wheat flour and oil your hands with sesame oil while you're shaping the disks.  Or add a little to the dough.  If roasted (concentrated) add only a teeny tiny amount.


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Apologies I don't have the finished article, primarily because usually I was so desperate to eat the damned thing that I just couldn't summon the will power to actually take the photo.. rather than eating it. I do however have these from the preparation process.



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Looks pretty much like a pita, which is very similar to pizza(dough).

Difference in flavor? Texture, or both?

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I think size and texture mainly, although I can't really describe what tasted like, it tasted good though! But that may be down to the fact that many of them were very recently made from scratch. But anyway when I did mine no matter how thin I rolled them they rose too much when cooked, came up like naan or pita depending on how I cooked em. Would that be the yeast?

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I'm from Texas, and the photo looks exactly like a flour tortilla.  Maybe the lady was not very "exacting" in her description of the "wrap" dough.  Maybe the issue of the yeast escapes her when describing the wrap dough....because pizza crust and tortilla can have the same ingredients, with tortilla having no yeast.  Plus...tortillas are traditionally used for "wraps".  Really, it looks so much like a tortilla that without the article, and just the photo, I would say tortilla.....she may have forgotten to mention the issue of yeast!  ....or maybe she doesn't use yeast in her pizza bottom????

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Hmm maybe that's it, I'll give it a go and report back.


Thanks for the suggestion rainwater.

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Can you post the recipe for the filling too? That looks pretty tasty.