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Bagels - not NY, but good!

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October 27, 2006 - 9:13am -- pincupot

My first ever bagels.  Thanks to a local brewer, I used Barley Malt syrup.  Not sure if it was the syrup, a dough just a bit too wet or a bread flour that just is shy of the high gluton content (I use King Arthur Bread Flour), but the bagels were NOT PERFECT!  Really good, but lacking that doughy, toughness I am so used to in a good bagel.  Better luck next time - and there will be I am sure.


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Submitted by alconnell on

Try KA High Gluten Flour - you may need to buy it direct from them at  I use it and have better results.  Also, are you using a mix of barley syrup and sugar in the water you boil them in? They look pretty darn good for a first time, so keep practicing! 

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Submitted by pebbles on

I've been trying to bake 'the' prfect bagel for some time now, and although I am close, I'm not near enough.

How much difference is there in adding Vital gluten to bread flour vs using high gluton flour (Sir Lancelot).