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Spicy Bread Question

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Spicy Bread Question

I am trying to find a recp that includes red or Hab pepers, black beans, corn in a round loaf style.  I was told it was a spicy Guatamalan pepper bread but I can not find it anywhere.  I was only visiting the area and can't go back to ask...Have any of you any idea how to make this?  It is super hot and I love it!

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Mini Oven

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Corn too huh?  Might try Sweet corn raisin bread (listed in column at the left) adding a finely chopped (wear gloves) pepper or two.  Black beans should be soaked overnight and boiled (and drained) before being smashed and added to dough.  I think 1/2 c dried beans makes 1c cooked beans.  That would be the maximum I would add to that recipe.  If I wanted a darker looking bread, I might use the cooked bean water into the recipe as part of the water. You may want to hold back some of the water while mixing due to the moisture provided by the beans, at least until all the flour is stirred in.