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Hello from Banff National Park, Canada

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Hello from Banff National Park, Canada

I've been lurking on this site for the past couple of years and have used several recipes, learned much from the lessons, and bought a couple of  recommended books. I'm somewhat famous amongst friends and family for Floyd's pita and rustic breads as I've made and gifted them so many times. I LOVE Maggie Glezer's Artisan Baking book (which I read about here) and have just ordered King Arthur's Whole Wheat Baking book. I've got sourdough starter waiting to be re-awakened in fridge. And today I'm going to try HUGO's quick version of whole wheat ciabatta.

What a great site! I totally blame The Fresh Loaf for my bread-baking addiction (and perhaps, my new-to-me this year Weight Watcher's membership). And on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, I'm very thankful this site is here - it's certainly helped me to become a better baker. I look forward to being a member now and ending my lurking ways.

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And a Happy Thanksgiving!