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Software for new retail operation

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Software for new retail operation

Afternoon everyone,

Been crawling the net looking for all the guidence I could get but thought it was about time to reach out to those with the passion in the field. I am working with a few others to get a bakery started up in our area and in turn need a good software solution. We will be doing both artisan breads as well as custom cakes.....both retail and wholesale. Our community has a nice void with regards to bakeries, we all have the passion and its a leap of faith we are willing to take.....despite being relatively green.

Would any small business sorts have any software to recommend that helps provide a good foundation?

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Have you looked into Quickbooks?  If offers a number of software solutions for small businesses.

It would be serendipity if you and your friends were behind the new sign on a small storefront in our Northern Michigan community, which reads:  "New bakery opening soon!"



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What do you mean by a software solution for a retail operation?

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A while back another member of this site was quite enthusiastic about the software on the following site:

I bookmarked it because in "real life" I work with a different variety of the same kind of software (more suitable perhaps for somewhat larger companies - so I won't flog it here) and I was interested in what it had to offer.

Worth looking at it -can't hurt...

Hope this helps.

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We have a software solution for bakers called "Bakers Pricing Software" This system will be intergrated with an accounting system within the year.  If you are interested in looking into it go to or  It is meant to be an inexpensive solution for small and midium size business.  But the accounting system offers  functions that large systems use.

Check it out and if you have any questions, send an email and we can arrange a SKYPE meeting or a phone call with you.


Patricia Turo