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NYTimes News Article

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NYTimes News Article

I found this article on whole grain baking to be of interest and am guessing that others may also find it so.


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Too bad he isn't a fresh loafer.  I would love to pick his brain about his oven.  Speaking of WFO I need to get mine fired up again!

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That's quite a story.  I would love to be able to build my own oven and sell 400 loaves of SD bread. 

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Thank you....inspirational.....

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I stopped reading when he said "no nutrional value".  Someone willing to lie so outrageously is not worth listening to or supporting.

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I was finally able to get to the Dane County Farmer's Market (in Madison, Wisconsin) to try some bread from this bakery. I bought a 1 lb. loaf of their naturally leavened whole grain country bread and an 8 oz. pumpkin wild rice roll.  Both had a nice crust, moist tender crumb and a very pronounced sourdough tang.  It's good bread, made by traditional methods.  What more could anyone want?  Prairie19