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My new everyday bread

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My new everyday bread

This bread is based on the very first bread recipe I ever made.  The original recipe is out of an old Better Homes and Garden bread book published in 1963 (same year I was born).  My memories of that bread (I used to make back when I was in high school) was that it was okay sandwich bread, but that it made really good toast.

So, I pull out that old recipe book and did a little updating.  Instead of AP flour I used bread flour and replaced a cup and a half with KA whole wheat flour.  Instead of having bread come out of the oven five hours from the time I started the dough now spends the night in the refrigerator after the first rise.

It still makes really good toast, but it makes even better sandwich bread.  A nice chewy, but soft, crust and a wonderfully tender crumb that stands up to any sandwich filling I make.

Out of the oven, rubbed with butter, cooled and ready to slice

This is out of the oven, rubbed with butter, cooled and ready to slice.


Sliced and ready to eat.  Nobody gets the heel but me.  Bakers perogative

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Postal Grunt

That's a good looking loaf. Can you share the recipe with us?