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sharing a picture of my bread

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sharing a picture of my bread


I baked some bread today and thought I'd post a picture.. 



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Gorgeous, Arie!  Looks like a cover on a magazine. 


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Not fair to post such appetizing pictures! Trying to keep my weight down here.

Great bread and lovely picture Arie!

happy baking,


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What did you use to make the seeds stick?

In fact, can you share the recipe? Thanks.


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The recipe is posted here:

however, it doesn't include the malted barley seed version,. I use a slurry of 1 T spoon of Tapioca starch with 1 cup or boiling water (needs to be tempered and boiled). the solution is almost watery with a little viscosity. I bruch the "glue" on the bread and spread the seeds, then I brush some more on top of the seeds.

to prevent the malted barley from burning, I boil it in water until it is soft and has absorbed as much water as it can.. And sometimes I use the water I boiled the barley in,to make the bread.  The water is basically wort which is a precursor to beer. :) 

here is a post with some of my background..

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did you use a baguette pan to shape bread?

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if you look at my recipe posted at my website,  and scroll down, you'll see a picture of the bread just before baking, sitting in those forms..