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Pretzels - Lye Dipped

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Pretzels - Lye Dipped

Here are my latest lye dipped pretzels:


 These were made using KA Sir Lancelot flour and the recipe here:

I have had great luck with this recipe. 


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they look good! 

where did you find the lye? 


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Seconded.  Where did you find? What grade and quantity?

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at Asian groceries for about $1.00 to $1.50 for an 8-ounce bottle of food-grade lye solution. when i use it to make bagels, i generally use about a tablespoon per quart of water.

Stan Ginsberg

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chicken bridge ...

your pretzels look great and i'm sure the lye was the key to that great color! 

i found food grade lye on a science experiment website.  i was able to get two large bottles for $8/ea.  since you only need about 1T/quart of water (which is a reuseable lye solution) it will be years before i make it through my supply. 

good call on using the silpat(?) as the lye will go right through parchment and even "burn" metal sheet pans.

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I got food grade lye on the web.  If you search for it, it should pop up.  It wasn't cheap (around $30 for what looks like a lifetime supply) but I really wanted the authentic flavor and taste and think I got it.  Seems like that more than anything gives the pretzels the flavor.  I have experimented with sourdough with good results also. 

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your pretzels look great!!

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Would you still happen to have the recipe?  The link is broken.  

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shame the link broken those look fantastic!