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Muffins won't rise

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Muffins won't rise

I am having trouble getting my muffins to rise. I made sure my baking powder and baking soda were fresh.

I am wondering if it is my oven. all of the recipes say to bake at 375-400 degrees fpr 20 minutes. i have a convection oven and was told i should dial down the temp by 25 - 50 degress. i have tried numerous settings on other food and they cook to quickly and over cook. i have tried lwering the temp by 50 degrees and cooking longer. this has generally worked better.

I am just looking for any assistance available. i ould be crazy and the oven has nothing to do with it.

all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Mini Oven

for your oven and read it carefully.   

Check the exploded view of the fan and oven and see if the fan has any missing parts and turns in the proper direction. (My aunt was missing the cover to her convection fans, apparently cleaned and never re-mounted.)