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Corsica Loaf

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Corsica Loaf

I think I first found this site from a link on the cooking forum at gardenweb--I have learned so much here!-and I thought I was a fairly accomplished bread baker,making most of our daily bread (usually an oatmeal or multigrain)and mastering a hole-filled biga loaf --but nothing compared to you guys!

Now I am in search of the method for making a Corsica Loaf like the Door County Bakery- fabulous,light texured,but not big holes,crispy crust,covered w/sesame seeds,and at some point doused in olive oil (decently flavored oil,but not real fruity or green) to the point that there is some oil drippage,and it is wicked up about a 1/4" at the bottom-has anyone ever had this,and tried to duplicate it?

Thank-you so much for all you have shared on this site


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I don't even know how to make bread....but I came to this siite to find out if anyone here knows how to make Door County Bakery's Corsica Bread :)  That is the MOST delicious bread I've ever had,  I live in Door County and often think of the bread.

I was hoping to find the answer here....Instead I find the first question on the site to be how to make Door County Bakery Corsica Bread.

I'd eat it every day if i could afford to!

when you are in Door County and have had the bread you can cross to the other side of the penninsula and in Fish Creek there is a great shop that sells Olive Oil. They have many  types of Olive Oil.  So youi may be able to find a blend that yiu can try for the Corsica Bread.