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attempting pain de mei for the first time

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attempting pain de mei for the first time

Just bought a 'pain de mei' baking pan, but haven't tried to make bread in it yet.  Is there a special recipe for baking bread in it? Or would my ol' white bread recipe do as well?  Appreciate any recipes I could try, to avoid getting discouraged from doing it wrong.  I've made bread in most other kinds of shapes and pans, but never in one that is covered.  Thanks in advance.            Bucumop

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Not knowing what the formula is for your "ol' white bread" is it's hard to say if it would work or not.  But you can prepare a wheat flour loaf of common ol' white bread using the pain de mie process.

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I use a favorite sandwich bread recipe we've baked for years. It works perfectly.

A few suggestion:

carefully measure your dough weight. Hamelman, in Bread, specifies 2.25 lbs for a 13 x 3-3/4 x 3-3/4 inch pan. That weight should work perfectly.

Let the dough rise to within 1/2 inch of the top of the pan before you cover and bake it.

remove the loaf from the pan immediately after taking from the oven. If left in, even a short time, it will "sweat" and the sides get soggy.

These aren't my suggestions, they come from various books I've used.

Good Luck!

David G


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I just asked the same question about my new 'pan de mie' from KA Flour on another thread here (of course, I bought my pan the day before it went on sale for $19.!).

I found at least 4 recipes speciifically for the pullman pan on the KA site.  I have made the egg bread, the cinnamon swirl bread, a rye bread made with pickle juice, and a white whole wheat bread.  All were successful, but the classic 'pan de mie' bread and the cinnamon bread were very very nice.

I will be interested to read about others' experiences with the pan and please let us know how your recipes turn out.