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pig shaped bread

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wizard of dogz

pig shaped bread

I saw a picture of a pig-shaped large loaf of bread & want to duplicate one for a Pig Roast. Does anyone have a suggestion for type of bread & ideas foe shaping.

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Mini Oven

Rolls?  How about a lot of little piggies?

Another idea might be to make rolls like hot dog buns all next to each other in tight rows.  the ends could be decorated with dough noses  and curly tails on the opposite end.  Small triangles for ears.  I got 6 ears to a flattened circle of dough cut with a scissors.  Pig tails are corkscrewed. 

I used modeling clay to give an idea how they might look... 

little pig rolls



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I've made the little piggie rolls mentioned in the above link-they really come out very cute too.  Why not try a larger version of that same piggie face-maybe using whole allspice for eyes and ??? for the nostrils.  I made mine from a multigrain dough.

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can u give me the recipe how to make the dough and how the pig bread shine ..tnx u