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Cottage Law in Michigan

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Cottage Law in Michigan

" Michigan debates "cottage law" for homemade food sales visit:

Michigan State Representative working to allow  preparation of low risk foods. Tough economic times force governments to reexamine the rules and regulations regarding small home businesses as a way for citizens to earn income.


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That's the bill in case any Michigan residents would like to contact their representatives and urge support (the link posted by cookingwithdenay didn't work for me).

Hopefully it will pass. 

I've read a lot of news about recalls and people being made ill by eating veggies and meats sold by "regulated and inspected" vendors, but I've never read a word about someone becoming ill by eating a slice of bread or a bagel purchased at a farmer's market.



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Are you from Michigan?  I am aware of this bill and hope it passes.  The Amish have had the corner on this market in my neck of the woods.

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No I am from Michigan, currently living in North Carolina, a state that allows home-based baking and home-food processing of low risk foods e.g. certain sauces, dry mixes, jams, jellies, preservices, candies etc.

I teach a home-based baking business course both in NC and nationwide  and have been doing this for several years. I am well aware of how beneficial cottage laws are during tough economic times!