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Hello from Georgia (USA)

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Hello from Georgia (USA)


Well, this is my very first forum of any kind, so I am completely new at this.  I am on a quest of sorts to bake the perfect loaf of "Bauernbrot" which is a robust, old world style bread made from white wheat and medium (I think) rye flour.

It all started when the small bakery here in town lost their baker and discontinued baking their own no-frills sourdough-rye bread.  I have not been able to find bread that is truly satisfying, at least not in my immediate area, so I have decided to take matters into my own two hands.  I grew up in Germany, and if there is one thing I must (however reluctantly) admit, it's my belief that we Germans have developed this deeply emotional bond with our bread!

So, I thought maybe there might be someone out there on a similar "quest", maybe another displaced European who may have already found the holy grail of old world style bread baking?

I enjoy many things, but spend most of my time cooking, baking, and reading, and of course shopping for things to cook, bake and read.


 (bet you can't guess my favorite read)

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Hi, Lembas.

Welcome to TFL.

My knowledge of German breads is entirely from books, online sources and my own kitchen. There are other members of TFL who live or have lived in Europe where they have more direct experience.

The most highly regarded bread cookbook with many German-style breads (especially rye breads) is Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread." In addition to his rye breads, Hamelman has several formulas for mixed grain breads that are probably in the Bauernbrot family. (As a matter of fact, I just had some of his 5-grain Sourdough Rye for lunch.) 

Another book to check is "Local Breads" by Daniel Leader. This book has many recipes collected on Leader's travels to bakeries in Germany, Poland and The Czech Republic that may be of interest.

Good luck with your quest, and happy baking!


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Mini Oven

You've come to the right place!  I just put a walnut rye into the oven.  Where do you want to start?   The books David mentions are good, I have both and enjoy them.  You will have to get a sourdough starter going so that you can "sour your rye flour."  Read through a recent post  checking all the links.

Don't be afraid to use the search engine at the top left corner of this page.  If you find a topic you want to remember and come back to, click on the "add to favorites" at the bottom of the first posting.  It will appear in your account and you will be able to find it with just a couple of clicks under your name.  Don't be afraid to use German words while searching.

If you click on my name (on this post) you will also find out a little about where I'm coming from and lots of rye links and discussions (favorites)  but these are only a few crumbs of the Fresh Loaf.

Noch ein mal, willkommen!


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Thanks David and Mini for your welcomes, suggestions, and helpful info.  Makes me feel at home at TFL already!  I know I will have fun checking everything out.  It seems to be the perfect site to help me!