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Hi how's everything? I'm totally new to sourdough starters and baking. Will try to make my own starter, but where are the recipes for using the starter? Do I just find a good bread cookbook, or do you recomend one, or can the starter be added to any bread recipe? Thanks, looking forward to baking some good breads

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You'll find my recipe for "almost" no-knead sourdough here:

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Hi, debraellen.

Welcome to TFL!

You will find lots of bakers here with experience and enthusiasm for sourdough baking.

Learn to use the Search box. It is found in the upper left corner of every TFL page. Type in  "sourdough bread" and press the "Search" button. You will find many, many discussions and formulas.

If you want a formula for a particular type of bread, try typing in a description. For example "san francisco sourdough" or "sourdough rye bread" or "sourdough pancakes." Once you have an active sourdough starter, you will find you can make many delicious things with it in addition to bread.

I have a couple loaves of Potato-Nut Bread made with a rye sour in the oven right now. It's a pretty challenging bread to make, so I wouldn't recommend it to a beginning sourdough baker. My advice would be to choose a pretty simple bread that sounds good to you and make it several times to get a feel for the techniques before branching out. 

A lot of new bakers have found the "Lessons" (listed towards the bottom right side of the TFL home page) very helpful in getting started.

Happy baking!


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Hello Debraellen!

Like he said, you are going to find ALOT of new AND experienced bakers on this site who are EXTREMELY happy to help you! If you are new to baking, I agree the tutorial videos are awesome....also there is a book you will see referenced alot as "BBA" which is the Bread Bakers Apprentice. I had not heard of it but just got my copy this week. I have many books on bread baking and have been baking myself for more than 30 years!! Please know that if you need help, just send up a flare!! You can also send messages to other members by looking near the top...and you will find it. If I can help in anyway, I am VERY happy to! Please drop me a note if you like through here or at

Good Luck and HAPPY BAKING!!


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Its as easy as 1,2,3! Try this formula. I have used it with great success.