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Ordered a mixer

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Ordered a mixer

I finally bit the bullet today and ordered a mixer.I got the Cuisinart sm-55 on ebay for $245 with free shipping.Can hardly wait to try the thing.A question.Will the mixer knead the dough as well as hand kneading?Did I get a good mixer?This seemed like a good buy to me.My friends wife has a kitchen aid mixer and swears by it but it seemed like this cuisinart had more features so I went for it.Kneading that rye bread wears me out and if this thing will handle the rye dough I'll be satisfied.

    Here's the mixer I ordered.

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Cook's Illustrated, aka America's Test Kitchen, has rated this mixer as the best in the field since its appearance on the market a few years ago. While I'll stand by my K5 through thick (pizza dough) and thin (meringue), I do like the bells and whistles of the Cuisinart 5.5. Especially the automatic timer shut-off. Man, that would be nice.

Let us know how it goes!

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I have been using a Kitchen Aid and have been satisfied with everything it does.

Stand mixers knead in a very short time. This looks like a powerhouse of a mixer and I don't think you will have a problem with rye bread. 5.5 qts at 800 watts could probably mix cement if you needed to. Enjoy

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The only REAL way to find out if your new mixer will handle kneading your dough is to START MIXING.  I can't believe you haven't done it yet.  When I got my KA Pro-600 I had my starter bubbling in anticipation and had it ready to go when the tracking told me it was on it's way.

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I actually only bought the mixer yesterday on ebay.It will be 6-9 days before I get my mixer the seller says.I don't think it will be over 4 days if he ships it ups as the ad says.I will definitly try it as soon as I receive it.

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It's been a few months since you got your Cuisinart mixer on eBay. How has it held up?

I see Amazon has it for $269 with free shipping and am considering either it or one of the Hamilton Beach all metal models in the Ecletctrics line.The Cuisinart has more features and expandability, plus an 800-watt motor and a nice 3/5 year guarantee, for not a horrible jump in price.

What do you think of your Cuisinart for bread dough now that you've had it a while?

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Please do post a review ...My 17 year old KitchenAid is starting to sound tired (whining and stalling on dough that didn't used to bother it...) and I'm looking forward to getting a brand new mixer.  Maybe I should make a great big really stiff rye recipe to see if I can break the machine (hehe)?



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We have a 5 year old Kitchenaid now, fine for slack doughs, not so fine for other doughs.

I've started selling my wares to coworkers at my work and my wifes, I find it far to small when doing larger batches.

I'm looking for something larger, probably 20 quart.  I've seen a used Hobart for $900 and another used mixer for $500.

If your serious about getting into making bread I'd buy something used, and a little bit larger.

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I just ordered the brushed chrome model of this Cuisinart SM-55 from Amazon after reading your posts about it and reading the good reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Amazon has been terrific for taking items back with return shipping paid if I haven't been satisfied with a purchase, so I trust ordering from them.

With Amazon Prime, I will have it on Wednesday. I can't WAIT!! I've been using an ancient Sunbeam Mixmaster for light duty stuff, certainly not bread or cookie dough. I've wanted a good stand mixer for years! :)

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will slick

Please guys with this mixer post how you like it. For bread, cookies , cakes and egg whites. They alsohave a 7qt model. I saw on amazon they come with a rebate for a free food prosseser till 12/31. That sounds like a great deAl. good luck with your mixers guys.