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stand mixer problems

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stand mixer problems

I am using a stand mixer to knead my bread dough but the dough comes together fine...than ends globbed on the dough hook. Doesn't seem right to me. What should I do? I am following the recipe precisely but????

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Hi, Randooo.

What you describe would be perfectly normal for a smallish batch of dryish dough. In other words, it depends on the recipe. So, what recipe are you using with these results. And what mixer are you using?


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Thanks! I am using the dough recipe in the book "Ratios". It is a small (~3 cups of flour, etc.) batch. Also there is a video from Kitchenaid (my mixer brand) that says when the dough comes together and releases from the bowl and sticks to the dough hook "en mass", it is "good to go".

I let it rise yesterday afternoon and made my pizza. Turned out fine!

Thanks for your interest. I am learning this bread thing by trail and error. Flour is cheap!

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What you're describing is not unusual, and you can control it to some extent.

Does your dough climb the dough hook just to its top, or does it climb above that level and interfere with the primary orbital mechanism?

Try spraying the upper portion of your dough hook with something like Pam before you introduce it to the dough for kneading.  Also, you dough doesn't require kneading at high speeds so if you keep the speed down that may help also.

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Thanks! There are some Youtube videos that help me, too. Take a look. One of the vids is from Kitchenaid..pretty good. If you can't find them, maybe I can figure out how to send you the link

Let me know and have a great day!