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transferring dough to wood fired oven

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transferring dough to wood fired oven

I've recently built a mud oven and have begun baking with it.  So far, I've made pizza, stromboli and bread with wonderful success.I'm having difficulty transferring the dough to the peel and oven without degassing or harming it.  I have 2 peels and use lots of cornmeal but nothing seems to slide off very well.  Does anybody have any tips?

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The three most popular responses here are:
1) lots of cornmeal or semonlina flour and a quick snap of the wrist
2) parchment paper
3) a superpeel

I typically use #2.

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As far as semolina goes, I try to use as little as possible. I visualize the grains of semolina as being like the rollers that were used to move blocks of stone in ancient times. To me the perfect layer of semolina would be 1 grain thick and loosely packed at a with a distance between grains of 2-3 diameters, which allows the dough to roll along the surface. When I read posts about using "lots" of semolina I wonder if that means a thick layer, which I think would be far too much.