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Hello from Texas!

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Hello from Texas!

Hi, I found the awesome site while searching for sourdough cookie recipes.

I have been baking bread since the early ‘80s. My first bread book, from which I learned so much, was Beard on Bread by James Beard. I enjoyed trying different types of breads and got started with sourdough from a fabulous whole-wheat recipe in a honey cookbook. I was introduced to Herman when a friend in Colorado gave me a cup of starter and all the recipes to go with it.

Along the way, it has been my pleasure to teach friends to bake bread. Also, I enjoy giving away loaves of my homemade bread. I used to make small, low-salt loaves in tiny pans for my husband’s dear grandmother. I like to make Irish Soda Bread and quick breads too. Most recently, I am using recipes from old bread books and searching the net for info on sourdough and starters. I love baking all kinds of bread and am so glad to have found this forum. I cannot wait to learn more!


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This is an amazing site, welcome.