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braiding bread

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braiding bread

This such a tricky area! Braiding bread is really hard to describe-anyone able to sare their version?

I can braid 4-6 strands but can't describe it.

I use the up-down-up version with 4 strands.



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I think the best way to describe is with pictures of the process... I've seen a number of neat diagrams in some of the books.

There's a few "pictoral" examples here on the website too, such as:


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HI there,

 I posted this somewhere else in response to a question someone had after viewing my blog pics. Good luck!!  

Divide the dough into three equal strands.This particular recipe was enough for each strand to end up being about 26-28 inches long and an inch in diameter. Align the three strands leaving an inch in between, perpendicular to you body.  Start at the tips furthest away from you and about a third of the way down the strands. This allows you to braid up and away from your body, and then down towards your body. This also allows for the strands to remain intact during the braiding process.  Adjust the braid as needed so that the braid is tight without gaps. Pinch the ends of the braids together and turn under . you now have a single braid ( 3 strands) 28 inches long. You then visualize mid point on the braid, and tie a knot, with the dough at that point. Take the braid from the knot to one tip and roll it around the knotted section clockwise, take the outher tip and roll it around itself counterclockwise.. Tuck the ends under.  Good luck, should you have further questions, feel free.



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For a good explanation of how to braid dough see "The Art of Braiding Bread"