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Joined from Malaysia

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Joined from Malaysia

My wife and I run a small Bakery in Malaysia. Primarily we make breads and cakes from Organic Wheat which we grind in-house. We source our wheat from Australia. Our reason for grinding our own was that the only other supply of flour we could find was full of additives and was bleached and gave us rashes.

Traditional bread here in Malaysia is the very soft fluffy type. So we have a niche market for those that like something more substantial, in particular Organic shops.

We primarily bake with yeast, but are moving to leaven gradually.

We are fortunate to have found this site as it contains many useful articles and skilled bakers on its forum.

Regards to you all,

Martin and Ati

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You are most welcome. I saw your posting in dan lepard'a web site. We are looking forward for your posting.

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Hi Altaf,

Thanks for the response. Based or living in Kuwait where the temperature get up to the 40 C, do you have problems with your leaven or is it kept airconditioned? What is your "room temperature". Most books on baking assume 20 C.



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Hello Martin,

Believe it or not the tempreture in july & august reaches 50 C (if not more) and luckly no one dies because everything is air conditioned ;-)

As for your leaven question, i really have'nt tried to make my own leaven until this moment. But one ithing i'm sure of, that the tempreture at the bakries are cooler than home kitchens. I don't have a thermometer in my kitchen, but the doughs rise nicly inside the oven or the closet.

I also remember (as a child) my mother used to put her hand keanded dough in a dark taperware at leave it out the house under sun to let it rise quickely. :-o

Happy Baking.

(By the way: this year it's a dustry summer :-( )

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50 C ?!? Geez.... I was having a tough time baking tonight with the weather here up around 30. I don't think I'd want to get anywhere *near* an oven in that kind of weather.

No fun about the dust. I hear it is awful. How long does it last?

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(50 C ?!? Geez.... )

i forget to say that this tempreture is under the sun from 1-3 o'clock.

(No fun about the dust. I hear it is awful. How long does it last?)
we have a late summer this year , so the dust may extend until the middle of july :-?

every one is waiting fo the weather to get better......the kids wants to go swimming.