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how to add solid ingredients to Cottage Herb loaf?

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how to add solid ingredients to Cottage Herb loaf?

I am planning on making the Cottage Herb loaf from Laurel's book.  I've made it before and liked it a lot.  This time, I want to change things by substituting red onion, adding cubed cheese and rosemary (instead of dill and parsley).  What adjustments do I need to make to the dough to accommodate the cheese, so that it is still able to rise? And what is the maximum amount of cheese I can add?  I am thinking around 4 oz of hard chese.

As a sidenote, am I the only one puzzled by solid ingredients (such as onions and cottage cheese) being measured in milliliters, which are used to measure fluid?  I always wonder how I am supposed to measure.  For liquids, such as honey and oil, I just use density to calculate weight, but what about solids?  Fortunately, her recipes are forgiving and always work for me.

Here is the list of original ingredients:

1/4 cup minced onion (60 ml)

2 Tbs oil (30 ml)

7 g active dry yeast

120 ml water

235 ml cottage cheese

120 ml parsley

1 tbs dill

22 ml honey

1 egg

8.25 g salt

375 g whole wheat flour

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Mini Oven

look like a conversion from cup volume measurement to metric volume measurements, so a metric cup would work for the onions, parsley and honey.  Once measured, use the scale and make notes on the recipe in grams.  Saves time and washing dishes next time.  I prefer weights myself.

Substituting is rather easy.  I don't see any changes to the dough unless you want to subst. hard cheese for cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese is rather moist and one cup is enough to see a change in the dough.   If you leave it out, you might want to add 3 or 4 tablespoons of milk or cream to balance.  Cheese cubes and chopped rosemary can be folded into the dough before it gets its final shape.  If the rosemary is not fresh green, it might help to soak it first to soften, avoid woody stems. 

I can see your cheese cubes rolled in chili flakes too.  -just a thought-


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have cup measurements on one side and ml on the other. Not sure why parsley is in ml.  

Good luck !

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Muffin Man

Measuring cups are OK for liquid measures, but weighing is much more accurate for both liquid and solid.