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Best book for whole-grain bread recipes?

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Best book for whole-grain bread recipes?

My bread library has books from Hamelman, DiMuzio, Buehler, Beranbaum, Bertinet. Together, these have WAY more recipes than what I'd bake in a lifetime, but but but, I'd like to add one more to the collection that's devoted to whole-grain baking (whether rye or whole wheat). Any advice? Thanks.

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I love Laurel's Whole Grain Bread Book. It is my 'to-go' book for any whole wheat recipes. I primarily bake whole grain breads and though I do not have the terminology and science down like so many of the experts here, that is precisely why I love Laurel's book. I like Reinhart's Whole Grain Baking too but I find that I have to concentrate so much on his recipes and follow it accurately to get a good loaf whereas with Laurel, I don't need the book after a couple of times with the same bread. I can remember her instructions and tweak it here and there and it works just perfectly.

I do want to eventually switch to starter-sourdough bread exclusively and then maybe I will be able to remember Reinhart's recipes just as well as the terminology becomes natural for me.

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I must say, I agree 100%. Laurel's is great; the recipes work wonderfully and turn out regardless of the little things (at least for me), and I also find my self memorizing the recipe. Peter's book is great, it has a lot to offer, but I've always had to be more attentive when baking with his whole grain recipes.

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I've got the Reinhart whole grain book, but haven't had a chance to make anything out of it yet. I've had good luck with his other books though.

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She has one of the best whole grain books going.

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Neither the Laurel nor the Reinhart book use the stretch-and-fold.  The King Arthur WG book does.