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hi there

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hi there

Hello everyone,

I found this site to be an excellent primer on making bread, and I followed some of the basic instructions. My first loaf was very small, as I only used two cups of flour, but it made a nice, bun? It wasn't really even a loaf, I don't think.


The next time I used 4 cups of flour and got a perfectly sized, if a bit squished on the ends, loaf, that my neighbour and her friend tore into with abandonment.

The third loaf I think was my downfall. I used about six cups of flour and two cups of yeasty water, but only one packet of yeast. I also added in the variable of a cinnamon sugar filling and cinnamon sugar over top of the loaf. It looked beautiful, but was doughy on the inside. Oh well, there's always going to be more yeast at the store, and plenty of flour. It's cheaper than buying premade bread at the store, anyway.

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Welcome, Starsong!