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Diane the intern

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Diane the intern

At the end of August, Diane came from Vancouver Island, BC for a week long internship at the Back Home Bakery.  During her stay we made everything from puff pastry dough to baguettes with everything in between.  Although both she and Sharon (aka 'the wife') are a bit camera shy, I did manage to snap a couple of photos of the elusive two during the course of the week.
Thanks a bunch Diane for helping out with the farmers' markets, daily deliveries, wholesale accounts and even dinner too.  Hope to see you again next time around.


Sharon and Diane working on some pain au chocolat


Diane putting them together


This is us pretending to have a good time


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us pretending to be having a good time


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I was just kidding on that one, but as Betty mentioned below, we did have to work a little to coax the smiles out since it was a late Friday afternoon and we were all pretty tired.

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When we were children we were always pretending to be cowgirls or boys and indians. Or maybe I was a dog, some played doctor, rock star or a fairy princess..but it was tons of fun!

I think you had some fun, some hard work, but those are awfully nice, but tired smiles!


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So different from Pierr Harme classic .

Where did u get the idea from? I love it !



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I wanted something that was croissant dough based that would show off the chocolate without letting any of it leaking out, so that's what I came up with. When they are baked up, they really show off the croissant layers too.