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Candidate for Wall of Grotesque-shaped Bread

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cake diva

Candidate for Wall of Grotesque-shaped Bread

For my fourth attempt at baguettes, I made KAF's Classic Baguettes especially after reading all the glowing declarations of success, even from first-timers.  I figured, hey, I took a one-week class on artisanal bread so I might be able to achieve some measure of success with the Holy Grail of breadmaking.

Wrong!  Once again, here's one for the birds.  And the shapes qualify to be hung on our infamous wall.

weird baguette

So I just made myself a BLTA using my pan bread, tomatoes from the garden, and my favorite Oscar Mayer bacon.  I love bacon!


And had one of my daughter's fruit tart for dessert.  Oh, those are Parisian macarons on the cake tray.  That was part of her baking lesson for the day.


I live to try baguettes another day.

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The shaping is arty, but I bet it tastes good!

We enjoyed BC BLT's last night. I had 2 Blue Cheese stuffed rolls left in the freezer. Oh cheese, walnuts, bacon, lettuce and tomato, oh my! Good thing there were ony 2 rolls left.

Looks like there's alot of talent in your household. The roses set tha macaroons off beautifully and the tarts look divine.


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cake diva


Those are 2 of my favorite foods.  Yummm!

Thanks for the compliment.  My daughter appreciates good food when she sees it, but I have to drag her to teach her how to cook and bake. I am hoping that if I can take away some of the fear of the unknown, she may be less intimidated in the kitchen. --- cake diva

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I have a bit of reassurance for you--I used to whine and whimper when my mother tried to get me into the kitchen. I was so worried that if I learned to cook, somehow that would ruin my chances of a "career". But the universe played one of its droll tricks on me. By the time I was 30, I was studying to be a chef at CIA and now I have close to 30 years under my belt as a chef and restaurant consultant. Of course, my breadbaking is just a hobby, like my knitting and gardening (which means I'm obsessed and just wish I didn't have to work for a living!). Anyway, keep encouraging your daughter. If she likes good food, eventually she may realize it's really worth it to do it herself!

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Yes. Despite the shapes, the bread looks delicious. Looks like you got great oven spring, and a crispy/crackly crust.

I did their no knead baguettes. They turned out pretty good. Tasted great, but I did not get that "blown up" oven spring yours seemed to have achieved. Bet you had some good holes too.

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It looks like you must have had a great day together in the kitchen.  I love your bread..."funky!"...

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cake diva

And vtreejod, I did think the front one looked like those giant dog bone chews.  My daughter thought the middle one looked like a weapon; me- it reminded me of a Klingon forehead. We had a good laugh over these.

Farina22, I hope you're right.  You should've seen the look of terror on this girl's face when I asked her to feed my starter.  But I think she secretly enjoys the time we have together in the kitchen. 

Thanks for the encouragement! --- cake diva

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Is there really a wall of shame? If so, I would like to contribute my first attempt at hamburger and hot dog rolls...



Just so you know, if I can improve, anyone can improve. Here are later attempts at hamburger buns and hogie rolls.


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cake diva

Those first bun attempts are funny-looking!  Did you hide them before anyone could see them?  But look how beautiful the newer ones are- and they look scrumptious.

Floyd, can you start a Wall of Shame?  We can all use a good laugh once in a while.

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   incriminating evidence before the family see's it, and they never laugh or complain. They may joke among themselves, but who are they gonna tell? The turkeys?

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My son happened to walk in the door as my disasters were exiting the oven, and suggested coating them with butter and sprinkling garlic powder and grated Parmesan cheese on the rolls (look closely at the pic and see the cheese. LOL). We did that, and later ate them with pasta and salad that my wife made for dinner that evening. Despite being ugly ducklings, they were quite tasty.