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European Baking Schools

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European Baking Schools

Hi there,

I'm about to start university in a week and I'm very excited about that. Still, I can't forget the option of becoming a professional baker and I would like to know which options of good training are out there in europe. In case I don't like university or get tired of my future job . . .

Are there any great bread baking schools in Europe, for instance in France or Germany?


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the original Corden Bleu is in Paris, and, according to my son who is a chef, is world famous.

Yesterday, I baked my variation of your Rye Sourdough with Walnuts. I didn't want to deal with a wet dough, so I brought the hydration to 68%--This is the hydration I routinely use for pain au levain. Every thing else followed your formula, except...

I divided the dough into two rounds immediately after incorporating the walnuts. Into one, I added 50 grams of bleu cheese, crumbled. The crumb on both loaves is closed, but not dense. Both are delicious; the bleu cheese adds little bursts of surprise flavor.

Thanks for the formula.

David G.

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I think the best school is working on the job.  ....especially in Europe.  I would think they have an "apprenticeship" program.  This would mean that you earn a little money instead of paying a lot of money to learn to bake.  ....after you go far enough with this to get a job, then try to work for the bakeries that bake bread that YOU like! 


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was just researching on this out of curiousity the other day. In france, you can check out Institut National de Boulangerie, Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi and Ecole de Boulangerie et de Patisserie de Paris, Bercy.