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Another Ohio introduction

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Another Ohio introduction

Hi there, I'm also from Ohio.  I have been a member of TFL for a couple of years but, honestly I think this is my first post!  I have been baking bread, rolls and pastry for longer than I care to admit.  A friend recently gave me some sourdough starter, which is what brought me back to the forums in earnest.  It's been interesting to learn about sourdough, and I really like baking without commercial yeast.  The advice and recipes here have been very helpful- thank you!



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I love this site!  Like you, I got my first starter from a friend and have managed to keep it alive for a couple of years now.  Good luck!


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Recently I started up bread baking again and have been reading all I can about sourdough.
I am really excited about the tons of information on this forum.

Lately, I have been using sourdough that I started from commercial yeast.
Today I started a new batch using the info on SourdoLady's blog 'Wild Yeast Sourdough Starter'.

Happy baking!