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Best Bread Machine (for Gluten Free recipes)?

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Best Bread Machine (for Gluten Free recipes)?

Hi All --


I was wondering if anyone had any opinions or advice on which machine would be best for baking gluten free bread? I'm looking for one that would let me put my ingredients in the same way a regular loaf is made instead of premixing it in a bowl and dumping it in the breadmachine to bake as I've seen mentioned on blogs. Basically I hate mixing GF dough. :)


I'm always looking for new GF bread/biscuit recipes if anyone has any to share.


Thanks so much!


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ohso: I found this post regarding recommended bread machine brands that you'll likely find useful.

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Hello! We did a bunch of research on bread machines recently and made a list of ones that we think are good for making gluten-free bread. In particular we liked the Zojirushi. Mostly because it's programmable, but also because it has two paddles and thus everything gets mixed up very completely. You can just put the ingredients in and the machine mixes them. That sounds like it might help with your question. Here's a link to our gluten-free bread machine list. We also really like the Breadman, which does the same thing but you have to scrape down the sides once or twice.