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Air Bubble?

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iron chef

Air Bubble?

When you're making bread, how do you make sure there is no air bubble at the top after you bake it? Every time I make cinnamon raisin bread, there always seems to be a big air bubble at the top. Does anyone know what my problem is? I roll do roll out the bread but it's always there. Any ideas?

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Try brushing on a little egg white/water and then add the cinnamon and sugar!

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Is the air bubble in the loaf or just in the crust? either way it is usually a seperation that allows the gas to pool into a large bubble.

The separation can be from flour or excess liquid (water /oil) when the moulding the final dough piece.

Other reasons can be if the gluten is not well developed in the mixing process and is not cable of EVENLY holding the gas.

If the dough is forming a dry skin then it is not going to be able to expand evenly and a gas bubble can form under the crust.

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Making certain that the loaf is covered to prevent drying of the outer "skin", then simply slashing the top of the loaf before loading it into the oven should take care of the problem you describe. 

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Mini Oven

If the separation occurs between rolled layers, and butter/margarine/oil  is used, eliminate it.  Be careful to press out air while rolling up and shaping loaf.

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Slide a sharp knife into the bubble at the edge of the bubble.