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Hello and thank you

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Hello and thank you

Hello Loafers - or is that Freshies? -

I just joined after lurking for a long time, and want to thank you all for such a fine site.  Special thanks go to Floyd for putting it up and doing all that work behind the scenes.

I come from the US, and now live in New Zealand in a tiny little cottage near the ocean.  My kitchen is correspondingly tiny, but the oven is big enough to make a loaf of bread or even two, and I've become a total baking addict.  I tend to be a 'wing it' sort of cook and not use a lot of recipes.  Based on what I was reading here, however, I got a scale for those times when I do want to try a recipe, and oh man the difference it has made!

I've also been getting into the Dan Lepard books recently, and may I recommend the lemon barley cob from his Handmade Loaf to those who haven't tried it?  WOW.  Next time I'm gonna double it.

Bake on!

Victoria in Kerikeri