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Attachment for Stand Mixer

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Attachment for Stand Mixer

Hi all,

I am new to this site, I am French Canadian living in the Ottawa area.  I have been baking bread with a bread machine for a few years.   I discovered it earlier this summer and it convinced me to bake more bread.  Because of the rave review of Reinhard's book on this site, I  bought the BBA and the Whole Grain Bread. 

I am now planning on investing in a stand mixer.  I understand that some model have grinder attachment that you can buy to mill your own flour.  Which brand/model have that option?  Is there any brand/model that have a pasta attachment?  I am not ready to buy for now but I am looking at my option. 

For health reasons, I am going gluten free for a little while, once I have more information from my doctor and if gluten free is becoming a permanent diet, I will invest in this new toy in the short term. 



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I've never been able to afford them but I do know they exist.

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I have the Kitchenaid grinder.  I think it cost $99.  It's pretty slow going, but it gets the job done.