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Cissel bread?

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Cissel bread?

My Google-fu is seriously lacking today as I just can't find anything about it. Any ideas?

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This is a Yiddish word that sometimes means caraway seed. Cissel bread is rye with caraway. There are many recipes available for seeded light ryes, sometimes referred to as Corn breads.

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as in maize ?

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this means grains and korn (corn) bread is the heavest of the jewish type rye breads

it is 100 percent sour dough to 100 percent white flour and requires special handeling and baking styles

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We were talking about Cissel bread in the bake shop this morning. Seems like I am the only here that remembers it. I have never seen it made but,the technique is as follows.

Heavy sour rye dough is place into a wooden box and allowed to proof. After it has proofed,guessing 1/2 or a little more,the baker wets there hands and very gently scoops out a portion of the dough and trys to keep it round. Next,the dough ball is placed on a piel board with corn meal and place into your oven with lots of steam. Have even heard of the dough being place on a cabbage leaf and into the oven.


There might still be a bakery somewhere that actually still makes this bread. I am going to give it a try and take some to a nursing home. That is most likely the only place where anyone has heard of it.





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Here is Varda's take on it from ITJB

I have it on my bake list as soon as I get the 2nd edition of ITJB :-)  We loved this bread for many years as made at Prazel's in St Louis.