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Peaches and sweet basil

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Peaches and sweet basil

I just want to let yall know of a great combo I made a couple of weeks ago for market.  We are knee deep in peach season so finding new recipes is a must.  In a Martha Stewart  mag a few years ago there was a recipe for a peach basil crumble well thought bout it and didnt try it soooooooooo I did and altered the recipe for me. 

I will try to remember to bring the recipe home from the kitchen tomorrow and post it this weekend for yall but I made a bottom crust with my sweetened pie dough, filled it with our  fresh sliced peaches, added a bit of sugar, butter  almond extract and toasted sliced almonds along with some of our fresh chopped basil leaves, then made a butter crumb topping for the top.   OH my goodness what a combo it was just fantastic and the almonds were amazing in it!!

Definetly a must try one!! I will take some pics of it as I am planning on making it for market tomorrow!!

Have a good night!

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That tastes good!