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Pizza Bread

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Pizza Bread

I hope I am putting this in the right place.  Anyways, we do farmer's markets around our area and for the past few weeks one of the ladies have been bringing a loaf of bread she calls the Pizza Loaf.  It is a regular bread that looks like it has pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni in it.  It is not a quick bread either, but instead a yeast bread.  I was wondering if anyone here has ever made such a thing.  She doesn't care to share her recipe, but I think my family would really enjoy it.  She is always out of it before I have a chance to go shopping.  If no one has made it, any idea on how to reproduce such a thing.  Thanks so much in advance.


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I've made Ciabatta with cheese (Peter  Reinhart's recipe from Bread Bakers Apprentice) that I think would work well as the basis for the bread you describe.  Try preparing a basic Ciabatta, built on a biga foundation, and adding 30% cheese, 20% chopped pepperoni and replace some of the water (perhaps diluted by 30%) with a marinara sauce.

Your recipe might look something like:

Bread Flour 100%

Biga 175%

Salt 1% (you have salt in the cheese and pepperoni so you don't need as much)

Instant Yeast 2%

Water 50%

Marinara 43%

Cheese (grated parmessan, cheddar, etc.)  30%

Pepperoni 20%

Olive Oil 20%



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I remembered seeing a bread that was supposed to be like pizza.  I finally found it in Clayton's Complete book of Breads and it was a quick douhg not yeasted.  Sorry.  But I think flournwater had a good idea!!!

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Are the ingredients mixed in the bread or is it rolled with the filling inside like unsliced cinnamon rolls.  I make a garlic bread where I roll out italian or french bread dough and spread with butter,garlic and parmesan, roll and seal the edges. 


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Mixed right into the loaf.



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We used to serve a bread that we added tomato powder and oregano and basil (both in dried form) right into the dough. Actually we would reconstitute the additions in the water first then add it all to the flour in the mixer. The dough was them formed and the top was sprayed and dusted with more dried herbs and some parmesan, people swore it was "pizza bread" but we simply called it our tomato herb. We also made a spinach paresan and a pepperoni that were also very popular in the bread baskets on each table. mattie

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Just use a nice white Italian loaf recipe. Shape the loaf into a rectangle about 12" square. Layer sliced pepperoni and shreaded mozz cheese over the center of the dough. Add some basil, etc., if you like. You can add sauce, but we don't. Roll it up, seal the edge and ends and bake as usual. It's a good idea to plan for leakage at the ends, and make extra 'cause it disappears fast. ;-)

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Climbhi, are you looking for a loaf that could be sliced and used for sandwiches if desired? Or do you want more of a filled loaf, calzone type item?