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Hot Dog Buns

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Hot Dog Buns

I'm looking for a good recipe to try making some fresh baked Hot Dog style buns.  It may not be worth the effort since you can buy them in the grocery store all ready made for 1.29 a pack of 8.  Still, I'm sure some little grill or restaurant somewhere must feature their own homemade version.  I've never seen it myself around my part of the country.  I found several recipes on the internet but I know if there's a good one to be will be within this group.  Thanks for your help.  Be Blessed!!!   Steve G.

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I've been using the following recently...


  • Flour -- 517g (100%)
  • Water -- 290g (56%)
  • Sugar -- 26g (5%)
  • Olive Oil -- 26g (5%)
  • Salt -- 10g (2%)
  • Instant Yeast -- 21g (2%)

Let rest for 30-45 minutes after kneading then scale, mold, prove and bake at about 210℃ for around 16-18 minutes with no steam. The above weights will make 8 rolls around 110g each. Good results can be obtained with the sugar & fat between 3-8% of flour weight. I often use malt extract instead of sugar. Increase the amount of yeast when increasing the sugar content. I make this or similar once a week for hot dogs...

Ignore the garbage around the rolls ;-)

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Just had fantastic success with the above recipe. Thanks so much!

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Am I reading this correctly? 21 g instant yeast?  I am relatively new to bread making but this seems llike an awful lot of yeast.