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inconsistant dough

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inconsistant dough

I am having trouble with consistancey of my doughs, especially pizza dough.  I stopped using bread flour because my dough was getting too tough to stretch and was very resilient.  I have been using the same recipe for 5 years, and the past two i have had to change the recipe twice.  I went from all bread flour to all ap flour, way too wet.  then i went to 50/50 ap/tipo('OO'), and increased the oil to soften the dough a bit.  This recipe came out great, then the other day I had to add an additional 2.5# of flour, mind you the base recipe calls for 7#.  I cannot figure out what is going wrong.  Any help is appreciated.

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your recipe and your technique, please.  That will help folks you good feedback.




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Your description sounds a bit extreme but several bakers I know (self included) have been experiencing more hydration variation lately. The culprit seems to be water content of the flour. And tipo 00 has been particularly troublesome to several of us though other flours have been showing some variation. Flour in storage can dry out or absorb water depending on the conditions and the amount of water absorbed seems to be shocking. Like...dough made from tipo 00 that has the "normal" texture of a baker's percentage (BP) 66 to 68 being calculated as BP 55. That is pretty extreme (and unmanageable when mixed at 66). Sounds like you are experiencing similar problems!

We aren't sure where the variation is coming from - manufacturers or storage - but it has been keeping us on our toes. I am finally beginning to appreciate why a lot of the books suggest mixing on the dry side and adding water to get to the right consistency!

Good Luck!

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64% 4#8oz Water
.2% 1/4oz Yeast
1.7% 2oz Salt
60% 5# AP Flour
40% 2# Durum Flour (Tipo)
17.8% 1.25# Oil


here is the recipe, used it for years, with only bread flour, this is the new one i devloped.


standard make-up;

combine water and yeast, dissolve

mix flours, add to water with oil.

mix 2min on speed one, add salt then 5-7 Minutes on snd speed.


All of my flours are stored in commercial rubbermaid bins(not airtight/moisture proof).  I live in Colorado and it has been a wet year but it is still farily dry here.


What is the reason that Bread flour makes it too tough to work with when in the past that is all that i have used?