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Onion Rolls

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Onion Rolls

Hey All- I'm a long time somewhat accomplished baker (mostly in the cheesecake category, though :-)

I'm looking to expand my abilities in artisan bread baking and I'd like to start by experimenting with savory rolls.  Near my Dad and Stepmom's house in Harrisburg, PA is a fantastic bakery (name?  dunno... I don't live close enough to remember).  They serve these amazing powdery little onion rolls.  It seemed to me in studying the crumb closely (read: eating many of them) that it may have had a bit of potato flour in it as it was fine and soft inside and chewy on the outside.  They were chock full of chopped onions and were large enough to use for small turkey sandwiches on the day after Thanksgiving.  Does anyone have some suggestions of a starting recipe for something of this nature?


Thanks for any and all advise!