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Rye bread recipe needed

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Rye bread recipe needed

Every single time that I have been to Russia (which is quite a few times) I always went to the nearest supermarket as quickly as I could after my arrival in order to buy a loaf of rye bread. There are, just as in many parts of the world, various types of rye bread in Russia, but the one that I really crave is the black, extra-dark rye bread that I, basically put, grew up on. These pictures ( and are the closest examples of what I'm looking for that I could find on the net. Does anyone know a recipe which will give me similar results without having to use a starter? Thanks.

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You are not going to make a true Russian rye or anything even close without using a rye starter.  No doubt there exists some unpalatable pseudo substitutes using lots of chemicals and additives.

Below is a link to a recipe for Borodinsky rye that I posted some time ago.


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Having revently visited eastern europe I can say that the ingredients required for that kind of loaf is beet/cane-syrup and caramel coloring. Also most breads that are as dark as that one contain 66% or more rye flour wich if you want to make the same bread without starter whould have to be acidified with vinegar. I whould start with two or three Table spoons of vinegar per 500g of water and experiment from there.

Starter whould be better though.