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Baking for my nut-allergic son

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Baking for my nut-allergic son

Hello everyone,

I am new to the site (even though in the past few days I have managed to benefit hugely by your collective wisdom) and would like to introduce myself.  My name is Yulika, I am originally from Latvia, where as a teenager I used to bake pastries for my family every weekend.  I came to the US in 1993, first living in South Florida and then moving to Boston, MA, where I live now.  I have been baking bread for the past couple of years whenever mood would strike, mostly in winter time, to warm up the house and to feel cozy with the wonderful bread aroma.  Mostly I was buying freshly baked bread from many excellent local bakeries,  However, my toddler son has been diagnosed with allergy to nuts a couple of month ago, which means that we can no longer buy from bakeries, because there could be a stray nut stuck somewhere.  I decided to learn to bake different types of bread well so that my son growing up would know and appreciate the taste of good bread.  I have been reading a lot of books on breads, as well as threads on this website, and finally produced a perfectly presentable loaf of 100% whole wheat buttermilk (organic, nut-free) bread yesterday.  It was the first time that my bread had major oven spring, it was soft and crusty, and I was so excited!  I have toddler twins and 3-months old baby, so baking can be challenging as I need to keep track of them and take care of them, and their timing can be even less flexible than the dough's!  Nevertheless, I enjoy baking immensely and my family loves the results.  I am looking forward to learning much more here and becoming a member of this community.

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Glad you have joined us. We'll look forward to your baking adventures. There are many talented people here who are more than happy to help if you have any questions.