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How does the DLX blender compare to the Vita-mix?

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How does the DLX blender compare to the Vita-mix?

I have a 10 year old DLX Assistent mixer.   I would like a blender that will puree greens so that there aren't leaves floating in my smoothies.  I would also like it to handle frozen fruit.  I'm thinking of buying the blender attachment for my DLX.  Will it do what I want?



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I don't have the blender and I don't know anyone else that does. In the US I think most people just buy the base unit. They have built such a fine base unit, I can't imagine the blender wouldn't also be up to the task. Blending the leaves in your smoothies does sound like a tall order however.

If you do purchase the unit, let us know what you think.


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I have had the DLX blender for about 6 years. I have only ever had Walmart blenders before that, so I can't compare for you to other high end blenders. I am entirely satisfied with the blender.

The variable speed is very nice and the lid stays on securely, not something my other blenders did.

It is much easier to clean than cheap blenders because the blender is much wider than the standard blender jar. The blade is not detachable but there is no problem cleaning under it because the vessel is so wide.

I make enchilada sauce with dried red chiles in my blender and it does those fine [they have tough skins even when soaked].

It is easy to put the blender on and take it off the DLX, too.

Let me know if you have other questions - I am happy to answer if I can help.

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I have never used the DLX, but I have had the same Vita-mix for about 20 years and it's still going strong. Greens turn into green liquid.  You can use frozen fruit, even make ice cream or hot soup. I don't grind wheat, but you can.  I have made rice flour and potato flour and it turns out great. 

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My friend has an old Vitamix and she swears by it.  I have the DLX without the blender attachment because we have a very reliable Osterizer.  I have just returned from staying at a friend's for 9 days.  They had a KA blender and it was no match to my old Osterizer.  My 18-year-old Oster blender can do everything from blending to crushing ice.  I use frozen strawberries in my morning protein shakes and the blender never leaves anything on the bottom.  I use it to make instant frozen yogurt; just use some skim milk, frozen bananas and strawberries, maybe a couple drops of vanilla.  It does a very good job despite the fact that it's over 18 years old.  Hope you find one that will suit your needs.

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I just bought a Kenmore Elite blender from Sears . 750 Watts and very powerful.

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Might I revive this thread? It's not called the DLX or Electrolux anymore, now it's the Ankarsrum. Has anyone had tried it?