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flour on top of the sourdough potato bread

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judy and john

flour on top of the sourdough potato bread

I was curious if anyone knew how to get that "spiral" look of the flour on top of the bread; would love to give it a try on my artisan breads!


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It does have an elegant look to it, doesn't it.  Just proof your loaf in a round wicker basket, or something similar.  You should be able to find something perfectly suitable in a dollar store or thrift shop.  Line it with a cloth and rub flour into the cloth.   Once proofed, turn it upside down onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, score it with a # sign (or as preferred) and bake. Now I'm a novice, so others might be able to improve on those directions, but that's how I do it, with decent results.


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The coiled baskets are made of either plastic or wicker. Both work well if dusted with flour so the dough doesn't stick. You can use a cotton tea towel dusted with flour in a bowl to proof a boule in but if you want the coil lines, you will need to get a coil style basket

It is a nice effect. There are several places where you can buy the baskets. Here is the supplies page at the SFBI site. Very good price and they have several kinds.


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judy and john

Thank you so much-great web site!I will definitely order a couple from them-thanks again!

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I asked a friend to pick them up at SFBI, she lives closeby. I can only vouch for the quality, have been easy on them for now. There are so good links about getting started with proofing baskets on TFL as well.

Cheers, Jw.

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There's a long thread on this site on where to get proving baskets on both sides of the pond here