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French Cheese Bread

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French Cheese Bread

So, I watched this video from KAF and decided to try to recreate the cheese bread they make in the class toward the end of the video. This may have been on TFL before, but I'm not sure. The final result blew my mind.

The video has a lot of information if you pay close attention. Basically, I used the BBA French bread recipe (with pate fermente). After the fermentation (with two French folds), I rolled the dough into a large rectangle. I spread .5# shredded Gruyere across the dough, rolled it up, pinched it closed, and set it aside to proof for ~1.25 hours. When it had doubled in size, I cut it into six equal pieces with my bench scraper, opened the tops, and put it into the oven (convection, 475). After 10 minutes, I rotated the tray*, dropped the temp to 375, and baked until an internal temperature of ~200.

Think of this like a cinnamon roll, but made with cheese. In the future, I also plan to add some fresh herbs, and maybe some prosciutto or pancetta. Give this recipe a try and you'll be the most popular person around. Also, your house will smell so unbelievably good that you'll want to repatedly step outside and step back in while it's baking.

Happy baking!

*The cheese will leak a significant amount of oil during baking, and a tray with parchment is recommended.