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A question of logistics

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A question of logistics

I've been reading TFL for almost a year now, and haven't bought a loaf of bread since the beginning of the year.  I have been having a lot of fun trying many of the recipes here, and this past weekend, it was the blueberry cream cheese braid.  It turned out beautifully - my first time trying to make anything quite so pretty!  So, one of the braids is about devoured, but I put the second one in the freezer.  How long, more or less, should it take from freezer to oven - should it thaw out in the refrigerator, or just let it sit out on the counter.   I have not had much success in judging how long these things take - as I always seem to be staying up too late to get the bread baked.   I would love to take one into the office (ulterior motive - so we don't eat the whole thing ourselves)

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Was the second braid frozen before or after baking, Maryann? If before, I would thaw it in the fridge overnight. Put it on parchment on your baking sheet and cover with plastic wrap. Or place entire sheet in a large food-safe plastic bag and tuck it in the fridge. Proof and bake in the morning.

If the bread is already baked and you just want to freshen it up in the oven, my inclination would be to leave it bagged on the kitchen counter. Condensation will adhere to the bag rather than the loaf as it thaws. At least, that's how it works with cake. How long the braid takes to reach room temp depends on size of loaf. An hour or so?