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Norwich Sourdough

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Norwich Sourdough


Fred the starter has come of age, and I've been baking sourdough pretty much weekly. This is a Norwich sourdough with the loaves retarded overnight. I got more oven spring than usual (without retarding); want to try it a couple more times to see if it consistently produces this result.




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Fred's a happy camper! Very nice. Without the retardaton, how was the flavor?



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Very impressive bloom. Hmmm ... The crust photo (2nd photo) looks like a loaf that was retarded.

How was the crumb? Flavor?


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Your scoring worked out really well!


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The flavor is a bit more sour with retardation, we think. Sorry I missed the crumb shot; the crumb is chewey and relatively open - although a bit more dense than a similar bread I made earlier this week, without retardadion.  Scoring was a lot easier on chilled dough; that helped the bloom, I think.

I need to try it a couple more times and see if I get consistent results. I also like the scheduling aspect: start elaborating starter Fri AM, preferments and shape Fri night; fresh bread on Saturday morning.


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Really beautiful loaves!


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