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Osmotolerant & active dry bakeoff

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Osmotolerant & active dry bakeoff

I made my fruitcake recipe with SAF Gold (osmotolerant) and Fleishmann Active Dry to see whether osmotolerant yeast makes a difference. The recipe has 15-18% sugar in it. The results are literally like night and day. I used 2% of the SAF Gold, vs 3% of the active dry. SAF Gold was ridiculously fast, in fact I've to cut down to 1.5% next time, bulk ferment was done in barely 1.5 hours, vs 4-5 hours with the active dry yeast. The difference was amazing. I did a bit more research on this, and it seems like below 10% sugar levels, it doesn't really matter which yeast you use (i.e osmotolerant or regular instant/active dry). But once sugar levels go above 10-12% it begins to make a difference. And now I can vouch for it..

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Thanks for the info.  I've ordered some to try in my Danish pastries.  That's the only sweet thing that I make at this time and I've certainly had rising issues a couple of times.  I'll be interested to see the difference.


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I have been waiting for your results. Glad to see you made it work as advertised. My test must not have had enough sweet in it. Nice post, thanks for the follow up.